How to fix issues when you can’t sync OneNote?

Looking for the solution when you can’t sync OneNote on your Mac device? In this article, you will get your solution.

Microsoft Company is continuously releasing the product updates that can fix the issues as well as improve in the syncing OneNote. Office setup product updates are free to download and use.

office setup

Note– For purchasing Office product, you need to visit link to sign-in to fulfill the other details.

If the Notebook that didn’t sync stored on OneDrive or on newer versions of SharePoint then you need to try opening the Notebook in OneNote Online. This will let you know if the issue has been caused by the server or by OneNote.

Follow the steps as listed below-

  1. Select ‘Notebooks’ on the toolbar in OneNote for Mac.
  2. Click ‘Notebooks’
  3. Select ‘Copy link to Notebook’.
  4. Choose ‘Inside the Address box’ in the web browser, you’re using.
  5. Press Command +V to paste the copied URL.
  6. To load the Notebook in OneNote Online then press ‘Enter’ option.

If you fail in opening the notebook in OneNote Online and the changes appear then the problem may lie with OneNote for Mac. Closing and re-opening the Notebook will clear and successfully reset the connection.

Check out the steps as given below-

  1. Select the option ‘Notebooks’ on the menu bar in OneNote for Mac.
  2. Click on the option ‘Notebooks’
  3. Choose ‘Close this Notebook’.
  4. In your resp. web browser switch back to the Notebook in OneNote Online.
  5. Click ‘Open in OneNote’ on the ribbon.

Note– It may take some minutes, to sync all the Notebook content over OneNote for Mac, depending on the notebook size and type of the internet connection. After purchasing Office products you need to visit launch them.

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