Layer2 collaborates with Core Systems Ltd. to offer Office 365 Document Synchronization

Layer2, service provider of the leading solutions like Data integration and document synchronization tool, shake hands with Microsoft technologies and Core Systems Ltd. to focus on the foster document synchronization in Hungary with the Layer2 Cloud Connector. To provide proper Document Synchronization for Office 365 for the Hungarian Market, Layer2 announces the New Implementation Partnership With Core Systems Ltd.

In Hungary, Core Systems Ltd. provides steady and stable IT solutions to support business processes with cloud and hybrid communication framework. Layer2 Cloud Connector, a prominent product that is used to integrate 100 corporate data sources and also, helps for the synchronization of various documents without any programming. Moreover, this service has been provided by Core Systems Ltd. to support their customers’ integration projects from being data islands caused by inadequate integration plans and approaches.

Horváth Richárd, executive owner of Core Systems Ltd. stated, “With Layer2 Cloud Connector, we finally found a really great solution for the challenges we had with document synchronization between local file servers and Office 365 services”.

Core Systems Ltd. provides professional information and technology resolutions and solutions for the Hungarian SMBs with focus on their simple or fully complex IT challenges for the last 10 years.

Additionally, Frank Daske, Business Development Manager at Layer2 leading solutions, says, Frank Daske, Business Development Manager at Layer2 leading solutions,” he also adds, “As our connector highly reduces the dependency on corporate IT and directly empowers departmental subject matter teams to get things done faster, their customers will benefit from significantly reduced complexity, risks, and costs.”

Layer2 Cloud Connector is utilized to hook up with over 100 well-known services and apps, local or cloud-based, such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, SQL/ERP/CRM, File Shares, and more for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization challenges. Apart from that, it is also used for flexible sync options, low risks, and costs for integration projects.

General Manager at Layer2, Matthias Hupe mentioned, “As data and cloud technologies are continuously growing, we always have to be at the cutting edge and have to develop further new solutions for our customers to satisfy all their needs.”

The Layer2 Partner Network

The layer2 network has already 200 certified regional members, who actually want to support their customers to connect them with specific IT systems. This implementation partnership between Core Systems Ltd. and Layer2 is part of the Layer2 Partner Network, which is typically a cost-free worldwide partner program for Microsoft value-added reseller or VAR.

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