Microsoft retiring Office Mix in 2018, baking add-in features into PowerPoint

Microsoft is retiring Office Mix, but you can still access all of its best features in PowerPoint. Microsoft launched MS Office Mix preview in May 2014 as an add-in for PowerPoint. This helped the users to add interactive elements to their presentations. Now the tech giant has announced that it is retiring Office Mix, but adding its best features into PowerPoint itself.

Microsoft released a statement on Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Forms for Office 365 subscribers on Windows PCs “Thanks to the positive feedback from our users during the Office Mix Preview we feel glad to announce that we are integrating the best of Office Mix directly into PowerPoint”. This will include combining Office Mix features into the recording tab within PowerPoint. Apart from this, you will also be able to publish your recordings to MS Stream in few months. This would help you easily share them across an organization, Microsoft says.

After this announcement, Microsoft will be shutting down the Office Mix website before May 1, 2018. Here’s is the complete information from Microsoft:

October 20, 2017- For those having an existing Office Mix account can access it, view, edit, publish, download and remote your existing content. If you have an eligible Office 365 School or Work account, then you can log in to shift your mixes as videos to the Microsoft Stream. However, if you are unable to access your Office 365 School or Work account, then you can simply download your Mixes as PowerPoint files with extension .pptx and your analytics data as Excel files with extension .xlsx directly to your preferred storage location.

January 1, 2018- You will no longer be able to register as a new user. Also, you won’t be able to download the Office Mix add-in from the website. However, Office Mix existing users can still use their account, edit, upload or download the existing content.

May 1, 2018- The Office Mix will be completely retired on this day. The site along with its content will be officially discontinued and any link to your content that you have previously shared with other users will no longer be active after May 1 of the next year.

For those who want complete information on Microsoft Office Mix announcement. You will also get to see how to migrate your mixes ahead of the shutdown, how to download your content as well as other info.

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