How to fix an error in Office 365- “Can’t verify domain”?

Microsoft is an American multinational Company and is known for its manufacturing, developing, and selling computers, software, hardware, and many other products. The Office suit has won many hearts over the years. Office 365 is part of Microsoft and the updated version, i.e., Office 365 is available for the personal as well as for business purposes. Office 365 runs on Windows, Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android, which stores their data in Onedrive.


Although MS- Office 365 has very good reviews on its usage. But sometimes the user may face some issues related to verifying the domain in Office 365. This issues usually occur when any of these factors come true. They are :
• The domain is associated with MS-Exchange Online.
• The domain exists in another Microsoft Cloud Service. For example- this domain exists in Live@edu.
The error message pop-up- Can’t verify domain: We can’t verify the domain because it is associated with another Microsoft hosted Service. A domain can be associated with only one service. To use this domain, first remove it from the other service, and then try again to verify the domain. If you still can’t verify the domain, contact Microsoft Online Services Support to resolve the issue.
To solve this issues, you may use any of the given steps as per your need. The steps are –

       • Step 1- Use the particular domain in Live@edu.
If you are using the domain in Live@edu and again you want to use the domain in Office 365. Then you need to remove the domain from Live@edu because the domain can exist in only one service.
• Step 2- Previously set-up an Exchange Federation Trust (Exchange Delegation).

If the domain exists from Exchange Federation Trust, which was previously set-up then remove the Exchange Federation Trust.
Please note- The above the steps will be applicable only to Office 365.
Still facing trouble? You can contact Microsoft Customer support team and share your trouble with them and get the expert help.

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