Microsoft Office 365 Growth Opportunity Is Going to be Bigger than ever – In a recent talk with the CEO of Microsoft, it was revealed that the customer products and services are turning the ways of their resources to business units that are leading a good growth to enterprise software and cloud-based services.

Coming up with the new Office 365-business edition, Microsoft faces competition to achieve organizations that are collaborating in apps running on remove could server. Being struck with Google services and Dropbox, Microsoft is increasing opportunity for office 365. The technology company of America has been funding enormously in Microsoft Teams and the growth is noted to be significant.

CEO Nadella mentioned that growth opportunity for Office 365 is much bigger than anything the company has ever achieved even with their highest access in the Client-server world.

Microsoft Teams could shift to a freemium model


An ideal tool for business purpose, Microsoft Teams offers a chat-based platform to bring up a team’s conversation where they can share files as well. The company has been making constant updates to this service by adding new features and has declared that the Team app will replace Skype for business in coming years.

Slack, a high-funding startup is giving the competition to Microsoft Team and is striving to attain Microsoft Teams consumers. Uncertain of the reason for Microsoft’s selling out Teams to all office 365 Business premium and Enterprise consumers for free but the bid will be on for quite some time. On the other hand, Slack is giving out the premium edition of business and to access the features, users need to pay around $13 per seat every month. On a contrast, MS Office business gives a full suit for desktop applications, Exchange online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, so and so along with a whole format of Microsoft Teams. This reason could be strong and one that will surely grab the attention of user toward Microsoft Teams.

Even after being a startup, Slack has managed to be in demand. This is because Slack has been offering free editions but there was no free edition of Microsoft Teams until now and users need to purchase a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 that will include Teams.

Lately, the company also brought in Microsoft 365 bundle that comprises Microsoft Office and Windows as well. When the organization shifts from Microsoft’s traditional licensing business to cloud-based subscriptions, there is no exchange mode or idea behind this. The change will be introduced to business safety measures and mobility services and this will not only accelerate the growth but also give a user-friendly interface.

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