December 4, 2017

Office Setup 2007 – 2007 – Microsoft Office is a productivity suite that includes several applications, servers and services. Different versions of Office are available for your home and business PCs. At the time of its initial release, the suite included only three or four applications. Over the years, there were different versions of Office that were brought in the market with different features.

Among all other versions, Office 2007 was very popular as it brought in an exciting feature, i.e. Document Inspector- an integral metadata removal tool that strips Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents of information, including meta data, author name and comments. To download, install and activate Office 2007 setup, you need to follow a series of steps. These are as follows:

Office Setup 2007 Download

You can download the Office setup 2007 from your Office account or by inserting the CD into the drive. Choose your subscription and click download.

The Installation of Office Setup 2007 depends upon the medium of its purchase. For offline purchase, follow these steps to install Office setup 2007:

  1. With your Office setup 2007 offline purchase, you get a CD
  2. Insert that CD into the drive and the design wizard will start automatically
  3. However, if it doesn’t start, navigate to the CD drive and click setup.exe
  4. Provide the Office 2007 product key, when asked
  • The Office Setup 2007 product key can be found on the sticker on the CD case or other packaging
  1. Read the Microsoft Software License terms and conditions
  2. Click Continue
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Once the installation finishes, click Close

However, if you have purchased Office Setup 2007 online via, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Office account by providing the registered email ID and password
  2. Enter the Office product key
  3. From the list of Office subscriptions, click Install in front of Office Setup 2007
  4. Take the next action depending upon the web browser you are using
  5. Wait until the installation finishes!

Office Setup 2007 Activation

In order to access all the Office features, you need to activate it by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click the
  2. Select Options and then Activate Microsoft Office
  3. To activate using an Office application, Click Help followed by Activate Product
  4. If you are being prompted for the Office activation, simply click on that notification and follow the further steps
  5. Another way of activating it is by opening any of the Office applications
  6. It will automatically display an Office activation wizard
  7. Enter the product key in the required field and click Activate