How to resolve OneDrive sync error in Mac? – Microsoft or MS is one of the largest and the most reliable software companies all over the globe. Its product portfolio comprises of a comprehensive range of software including the most popular Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer, and Edge Web-browsers.


OneDrive is a part of Microsoft suite and is a file hosting online services. It helps the user to save the files or data, like Windows settings or BitLocker recovery keys in the cloud. The save files or data can be easily synced to PC, access from any browser and can be shared publicly with people. OneDrive for Business helps the user to share and work together on all the files.

Although, OneDrive sync in all the devices is done effortlessly, but sometimes the user may face some issues regarding OneDrive Sync error in Mac devices.  The user may face some issues accessing online to Then check the status of MS-Office Online Services at the Service Health Portal.

Tips– While log-in to OneDrive, if you get a message “Your Account is currently unavailable”, this may be due to huge traffic volume, the account be blocked temporarily. Or they have scanned some suspicious activity, a violation of MS Services Agreement.

One needs to check the account status or reactivate the account, by visiting on the OneDrive Account Activation page and processed with the instructions as provided.

While log-in OneDrive for Business, the user needs to have the permission of the files or folder, which they are trying to open or add, copy or save. Please note- MS isn’t accountable for any external content and if you are having any issues opening of the desired files in your network, kindly contact your network administrator.

To open OneDrive Online and get sync on your Computer device. Given below are the steps to help you in sync. They are –

  • Step 1- The User need to check whether OneDrive is running properly, on your computer.To check it, whether the OneDrive is properly or not, the user needs to search for the OneDrive icon on the right-hand side of the menu bar. Or they can check on the Activity Monitor for it.

The below-given steps will help you in launching the Activity Monitor.

  • The user needs to open the Activity Monitor, by pressing the Command and Spacebar keys.
  • Now choose the CPU tab, go into the Process column for OnDrive.
  • Step 2- The user needs to restart OneDrive. Below provided are the steps to help you in this. They are as follows:
  • The user needs to search for the OneDrive icon in the menu bar.
  • Now, they need to click on the quit OneDrive.
  • They are advised to use spotlight to search and open OneDrive.
  • Step 4- The user needs to update OneDrive sync app for Mac. Below provided are the steps to follow for updating OneDrive sync app in They are as follows:
  • The user needs to open App Store on their Mac, for personal OneDrive.
  • Now go for searching in their toolbar for Update and click on the Update button.
  • If the update is pending, it will appear on the screen. Or the user can always open the OneDrive app and search for the update button on it.
  • Step 5- The user needs to confirm about enough space availability in their Mac device or on OneDrive app. The user needs to check and compare the size of OneDrive storage to Mac‘s available disk space.


Please note- If the user doesn’t have enough Storage space in either OneDrive App or Mac, then the user needs to delete or move some files, to provide space for OneDrive sync in Mac device.

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