AI Singapore’s New Partnerships Offer Free Training Sessions for Developer and Students

AI Singapore has lately signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Intel Corporation as a part of AI Apprenticeship Programme. The course will offer free training sessions based on Intel AI Academy suite for students, start-ups, established organizations, and developers. The program includes the collaboration of Intel AI Academy content as a division of AI Apprenticeship Programme.

Singapore will soon be adopting and accelerating the use of Artificial Intelligence by developing and improving industry-related skills. The program has been set to train and engage nearly 2000 students and developers for the coming three years.

Hosting cost-free training courses with the initiative of Intel AI Academy, the company also strives to drive their global AI professionals to co-host some of the conferences. The applicants in the Intel Artificial Intelligence Academy will have the access to use hardware platforms, software tools for research and projects offered by Intel forums and technical support.

In Addition, the Intel AI Academy will support planning the conference, event-based training sessions, and professional supervision on Intel frameworks and utilities for high-level if AL pros. Furthermore, Intel AI Academy is added as a part of its AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) and AI Singapore itself has made this decision. The partnership of AI Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is resulting in the program announcement.  The organizations came into the partnership last year and now the decision of offering training sessions for the next three years has been taken.

Investment in AI Singapore and more

AI Singapore will also have the authority to access and submit subject related whitepapers, research papers, solution briefs, project descriptions, and technical content released by Intel Developer part or associated Intel websites. AI Singapore that was started back in May 2017 by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore rising up with the investment of S$150 million to catalyze, synergize and boost Singapore’s AI skills.

The director of AI Industry Innovation, AI Singapore, Laurence Liew added a comment “AI is going to be pervasive and will impact all sectors of the industry,” adding to this, he mentioned about the importance of Intel being a part of this program. Laurence Liew also said “Intel is an important ecosystem player and partner, and we believe having the AI apprentices and ecosystem of developers, start-ups and companies trained and familiar with the Intel accelerated frameworks and tools, especially the next-generation of AI CPUs and frameworks, is important in staying at the bleeding edge of AI.”

In a conference, the Managing Director-Sales & Marketing of Intel Asia Pacific and Japan Territory, said, “The rise of AI will open up incredible new experiences and fuel new business opportunities, scientific discovery, and societal improvement,”

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